A downloadable balloon for Windows

Pop’d is a 3D arena deathmatch where players are balloon animals fighting to their last breath. The balloons are controlled by children intent on seeing a fight and have taken precautions to make sure there are no escape for these balloons. Pop’d is simple enough for a kid to control with the satisfaction of a shooter.

DISCLAIMER : The keyboard controls are not mapped, so best to play with a controller. Also you will need two players  in order to play properly.

This was a semester long project at Champlain College and is the work of five student


Artist - Brennan Howell

Programmer - Rosser Richardo Martinez

Systems Designer - Ben Cortijo

Level Designer - Josh Lanham

Producer  - Alex Dalton

Special  Thanks to:  Gabe Troyan  & Anothony Mahon 

Install instructions

The Zip file has all of the game data in it. All you need to do is extract it into a folder, play BALLOOOONO.exe and the game will start up.


Pop'd_Final_Build.zip 234 MB